Grace and peace to you.

If you have been watching the news lately (Hopefully you have but not too much. You really need to limit your exposure so as not to find yourself consumed with and in turn anxious about all you hear.) you know that as the coronavirus spreads measures keep changing on how best to slow that spread. As faithful followers of Christ, we need to do our best to assist in being good and responsible stewards of our world and loving and compassionate citizens. Simply put, we don’t want to add to the problem, or become directly or indirectly responsible for bringing hardship upon others.

It’s with that understanding that we are looking to do things that will help meet the spiritual needs of the Body while being faithful witnesses to our world of the compassion of Christ.

And that means that one area of ministry within which all of us must be engaged is prayer: pray for wisdom for those making decisions that help serve the people under their care; pray for health care workers (doctors, nurses, administrators, etc) and first-responders who daily put the care of others before themselves — for protection, and resources to enable them to carry out their calling; pray for each other, for our safety, for our peace, and for our witness to the world of those who look only to our own interests but to the interest of others, and with that who look to be the presence of Christ in our communities at this time in word and deed; pray for the world and the church around the world that even through this crisis many would see and trust in the goodness and glory of God.

It also means that each of us work to look out for others. Call a family member, friend, co-worker — check in with them to see how they are doing. Make an effort to connect with your church family by means of a call or the internet — however is responsible and considerate. And where there is a need, lend a hand if you are able. And if you find yourself needing to be quarantined and you need help getting your basic needs met let the church know so that we can help to care for you. Call the church office at (518) 283-2420, email, or send us a message on Facebook.

In terms of our coming together, the session has had to make some hard decisions, and even change some of those we made earlier in the light of new information and tightened government requirements regarding the coronavirus. With that said, we have decided all gatherings at the church are canceled until further notice — which will most likely require the government increasing their allowance for gathering sizes back to at least 50. But again, everything is changing daily so we shall see.

At the same time, we don’t want anyone to feel spiritually/relationallly isolated, despite being physically isolated. And so we will be looking to offer some type of worship time (readings, a Bible study, a sermon, etc) as we are able.

God’s Peace,
Pastor John